Will The Stock Market Crash In 2021? (Market Trend Tracker)


  • Many of you have asked me for my thoughts on the general market.
  • Well, here are my thoughts. 🙂
  • My top 3 reasons why the stock market may not have a meaningful correction in 2021.

Here's why the stock market may not have a meaningful correction in 2021 (Note: By correction, I mean a 10%+ pullback from current levels):

  1. You Still Can't Fight The Fed!
  2. There Is Nowhere Else For Institutions To Go!
  3. The Trend Is Still Your Friend!

In the video below, I breakdown each of my top 3 reasons (including a bunch of great charts to go with it).

APPENDIX (All the charts we discuss in the video):

10-Year Treasury Rates:

Apple (AAPL) vs. 10-Year Treasury Rates:

Tesla (TSLA) vs. 10-Year Treasury Rates:

Ark Innovations ETF (ARKK) vs. 10-Year Treasury Rates:

S&P Volatility Index (VIX):

Asset Class Return Expectations (Source: Blackrock):

Fixed Income Return Expectations (Source: Blackrock):

Equity Return Expectations (Source: Blackrock):

S&P 500:

Dow Jones Industrial Average:

Nasdaq Composite:

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