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Cash-secured puts and covered calls are fantastic tools to help investors generate consistent income and manage downside risk.  And the beauty is...these strategies are very simple and easy to learn.  I'll teach you everything you need to know in the Triple Income Formula Course.

Ryan Linski, CFA

Founder of Parsimony Investment Research

What Will You Learn In The Triple Income Formula Course?

Our MISSION is for every course student to have the knowledge and the confidence needed to implement the Triple Income Formula in their own portfolio by the end of the course (using our step-by-step framework).  Below is a full breakdown of the Modules and Lessons in the course.

Module 1:  Basic Training

Module Summary:

The Basic Training module will give you the basic building blocks you need to start trading options.  We focus specifically on the knowledge you need to utilize cash-secured puts and covered calls to generate consistent income in your portfolio.

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson 1 - Learn the Lingo of Options
  • Lesson 2 - Option Pricing
  • Lesson 3 - Placing An Option Trade

Module 2:  Cash-Secured Puts

Module Summary:

Cash-secured puts are a great way to generate income, acquire a stock and manage risk.  In this module, we will give you an overview of cash-secured puts and help you establish a framework for finding new opportunities and managing trades.

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson 1 - Cash-Secured Put Overview
  • Lesson 2 - Finding CSP Opportunities
  • Lesson 3 - CSP Trade Management

Module 3:  Covered Calls

Module Summary:

Covered calls are a great strategy to enhance the income on your dividend stock portfolio.  In this module, we will give you an overview of covered calls and help you establish a framework for finding new opportunities and managing trades.

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson 1 - Covered Call Overview
  • Lesson 2 - Finding CC Opportunities
  • Lesson 3 - CC Trade Management

Module 4:  Portfolio Management

Module Summary:

Portfolio management is the key to long-term investing success. In this module, we highlight portfolio rules and guidelines to follow and well as strategies for analyzing and picking the best options to trade for a specific stock.

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson 1 - Portfolio Management Overview
  • Lesson 2 - Portfolio Strategy/Diversification
  • Lesson 3 - Picking the Best Options

Start Utilizing the Same "Formula" We Use In Our Triple Income Portfolio

We have been perfecting this "formula" for over 5 years now and we currently utilize these strategies to manage our Triple Income Model Portfolio.

Click on the presentation below to learn more about the strategy/performance.     

Triple Income Portfolio Strategy

The Triple Income Portfolio seeks to generate consistent monthly return (target of 1% per month) through a combination of high-quality dividend stocks and conservative option strategies, while minimizing volatility of capital through position sizing, diversification, and hedges.

The 3 legs of the "Triple Income" stool:

  1.  Buy High-Quality Dividend Stocks (Dividend Income)
  2.  Sell Cash-Secured Puts (Option Income)
  3.  Sell Covered Calls on Long Stock Positions (Option Income)

Here Is What Some of Our Past Students Had to Say About the Course...

"Very clear and straight forward course.  Having never completed an option transaction, the step by step process and valuation tools were well worth the money.  In my first month of trading options, I have already made back my initial investment in the course and expect most of them to expire worthless (even if they don't the income I have generated to reinvest will get me farther then the dividends I would have collected).  If you have read about options, like I did prior to this course and want to have a better understanding and then decide if option trading is for you this is the best place to start."

- Mark K.

"​Excellent conservative investment ideas and significant educational value within Triple Income Formula program.  Thank you!"

- Mike M.

"I finished up the lessons for the Triple Income Formula program.  Very interesting materials and gave me a lot a good ideas for adding income streams to my portfolio.  I had a basic understanding of options before the program, but the course provided the steps and some valuation tools into using cash secured puts/covered calls for generating income. I have made 2 short term covered calls that I expect to expire and made back half the cost of the course."

- Tom Q.

"​You provide a great service. For my purposes, it's the best I've used in over twenty years of full-time investing."

- Fred C.

"​I have four years of investing experience and two years of trading options and I have put a lot of time into studying. I wish I had this service two years ago! I will be recommending the Triple Income Formula (and Parsimony) to everyone I interact with!"

- Jim R.

"​I have now recouped the money I paid for this course by selling 3 puts and a covered call"

- Kari B.

Don't Let the "Fear" of Options Hold You Back...

There are several preconceived myths that act as roadblocks for many do-it-yourself investors.  In addition, there are several common option investing mistakes that investors should try to avoid.  I discuss some of these myths and common mistakes in the presentations below.   

3 Myths of Options Investing

3 Common Mistakes Option Investors Make

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