Peloton: The Ultimate Income “Cycle”

Trade Thesis for Peloton Interactive (PTON):

  • The stock is down ~35% from its recent peak.
  • This added volatility creates a nice opportunity for cash-secured puts.
  • Strike Zone is $83.00 - $94.00

Trade Analysis (Click the video below)

Cash-Secured Put Analysis

Risk/Reward Analysis

Based on your personal risk tolerance, consider the following cash-secured put options with various risk/reward profiles

Aggressive Portfolio

(target monthly yield = 1.5%-3.0%)

PTON Aug 20th $100.00 Put

Price (Premium):  ~$3.00

Delta:  24

AMY%:  2.6%

MoS %:  10.1%

Base Portfolio

(target monthly yield = 1.0%-1.5%)

PTON Aug 20th $95.00 Put

Price (Premium):  ~$1.89

Delta:  17

AMY%:  1.7%

MoS %:  14.6%

Conservative Portfolio

(target monthly yield = 0.5%-1.0%)

PTON Aug 20th $85.00 Put

Price (Premium):  ~$0.72

Delta:  7

AMY%:  0.7%

MoS %:  23.6%

AMY % = Average Monthly Yield % / MoS % = Margin-of-Safety %

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