Chewy: Turning Growth Into Income

Trade Thesis for Chewy Inc. (CHWY):

  • The stock is down ~26% from its recent peak.
  • This added volatility creates a nice opportunity for cash-secured puts.
  • The best way to learn and master the Triple Income Wheel strategy is by repetition.
  • Strike Zone is $68.00 - $77.00

If you have ever experienced going to a pet store to buy a 50 pound bag of dog food, you might already be one of Chewy's 19.8 million active customers...and you certainly understand their value proposition.

Chewy is the "Amazon" (AMZN) of pet products, delivering food, treats, accessories, healthcare, and prescriptions directly to your door.

The company reports earnings on Wednesday (today) after the bell and expectations continue to be high.

All that said, we expect volatility to remain as the company balances it's lofty valuation with it's customer, earnings and cash flow growth.

We are maintaining a small position in the stock for the long-term and plan to accumulate more shares on future dips through selling cash-secured puts. We also plan to opportunistically sell covered calls on our stock position

Trade Analysis (Click the video below)

Cash-Secured Put Analysis

Risk/Reward Analysis

Based on your personal risk tolerance, consider the following cash-secured put options with various risk/reward profiles

Aggressive Portfolio

(target monthly yield = 1.5%-3.0%)

CHWY Oct 15th $80.00 Put

Price (Premium):  ~$2.98

Delta:  27

AMY%:  2.6%

MoS %:  9.2%

Base Portfolio

(target monthly yield = 1.0%-1.5%)

CHWY Oct 15th $75.00 Put

Price (Premium):  ~$1.75

Delta:  18

AMY%:  1.6%

MoS %:  14.9%

Conservative Portfolio

(target monthly yield = 0.5%-1.0%)

CHWY Oct 15th $65.00 Put

Price (Premium):  ~$0.55

Delta:  6

AMY%:  0.6%

MoS %:  26.2%

AMY % = Average Monthly Yield % / MoS % = Margin-of-Safety %

Covered Call Analysis

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