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Our proven, simple option income strategies (cash-secured puts and covered calls) will help you generate more income with less downside risk*.

*Compared to a traditional buy and hold dividend stock portfolio

New To Option Income Investing? We Have You Covered!


Whether you are new to options or a seasoned veteran, our courses, tutorials, and commentary will help you keep climbing the learning curve.


Our research database, stock profiles, rankings, screeners, and watchlists will empower you to take control of your option income investing.


With a consistent flow of option income ideas, you will be able to execute your investment plan with confidence and achieve your income goals.

All The Tools You Need To Generate Consistent Income Using Options

The Option Income Advisor is solely dedicated to helping you generate income using options.  We have developed a winning formula for finding the best cash-secured put and covered call trade ideas as well as a solid portfolio management framework to help you manage risk over time.  Trust the process!

Option Income Database

  • Custom database built specifically for option income investors.
  • Starts with 4,000+ optionable individual stocks.
  • Most optionable stocks are uninvestable (due to size & liquidity).
  • Database includes top 750 optionable stocks (the "Nifty 750").
  • Filters include market cap, stock price, industry and liquidity.
  • Nifty 750 represents the stocks with best income potential.
  • Includes 500,000+ option contracts across Nifty 750 stocks.
  • Stock and option data is updated on a daily basis (end of day).

Stock Profiles & Rankings

  • Stock profiles and rankings available for all Nifty 750 stocks.
  • Propriety rankings for Dividend, Safety, Value, and Momentum.
  • Includes dynamic "Strike Zone" for each stock (for CSP trades).
  • Strike Zones represent best potential price range to write a put.
  • Strike Zone factors include liquidity, volatility, pullback, EPS risk.
  • Fully customizable embedded stock chart from TradingView.
  • Includes news feeds from Yahoo Finance and StockTwits.
  • Cash-secured put and covered call analysis for each stock.

Custom Screeners & Watchlists

  • Utilize option income database to query stock and option data.
  • Create custom stock screeners using 30+ filters (incl. rankings).
  • Create custom option screeners (put or call) using 40+ filters.
  • Access to standard pre-built stock and option screeners.
  • Build custom stock watchlists from profiles or screeners.
  • Build custom option watchlists from profiles or screeners.
  • Download screener and watchlist data to excel.
  • Saved screeners and watchlists will automatically update daily.

Excellent service, lots of singles = income at low risk

I like the idea of hitting singles, and this service has really delivered in that respect. While I used to swing for the fences to get multi-baggers, I realized that I also had a lot of strikeouts which reduced my overall return. Since I have joined this service, I have had a steady stream of singles producing a very nice income stream with low risk. The trades are well reasoned and delivered in a way that usually amounts to a handful of trades per week. 

Jacob G. // Vermont

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